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We are Experts in the Building Industry. 

At ASB  you can  expect a complete, all inclusive service. Our highly professional team is eager to support our clients with every aspect of  the building project; From planning to furnishings, we will support you the entire way.

Through providing high quality products and unparalleled workmanship, we  ensure all aspects of the building project are finished to the highest standard. Our skilled craftsmen are expected to pay extremely close attention to detail.

At ASB we create  personal relationships with our clients enabling us to communicate effectively and facilitating a most efficient process for carrying out the project as well as for services after the job is completed. We are especially focused on keeping open communication during the “move-in” process subsequent to job completion. We take great pride in our ability to provide absolute  customer satisfaction throughout the building process.

We invite you to join our satisfied family of clientele.

Range Of Services



Our decade plus of experience in the private market on projects have given us a meaningful insight to the needs and  requirements of our clients. We are responsible and extremely committed in planning, management and financial aspects of your project. 



We are an outward looking company and are always excited about the next opportunity for a Joint Venture. We believe we are the perfect partner for any developer and always prepared to demonstrate how working together with us will maximise profits.



We understand that for developers, speed and efficiency are of paramount importance. From new build homes to small blocks of flats, we guarantee highly efficient project management from start to finish and meticulous handling of timescales.


Quality Construction

Quality construction is made up of two essential ingredients; The materials used and the order in which they are used. In other words we believe that it is our responsibility to not only provide the highest quality materials possible but also to execute a style of project management that ensures your finished product is on par with the sum of its parts.


Customer Service

Our customer service begins from the first phone call and just goes on and on and on. Our focus is always on building a strong relationship with our clients and never on making an extra penny. 



We are extremely good at finding solutions for challenging building requests and welcome the opportunity to work with you in finding ways to bring to life your wildest ideas. It is always our preference to be involved in the design aspect of your project. We like to make your project, ours and therefore are very happy to be regularly consulted on the design aspects of your project.




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